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Help with your disability application over the phone

The initial application for Social Security disability benefits is particularly important in New Hampshire. The opportunity to obtain disability benefits at the initial application should not be overlooked.

You can apply for disability benefits in person at the local Social Security office, online via the SSA’s website, or you can apply over the phone with the help of a lawyer.

I recently assisted a new client over the telephone with his initial application for Social Security disability benefits. It went very well. I was able to counsel the client on what to expect from the disability claim process, the importance of fully describing past relevant work, and why the SSA was asking certain questions in the application.

Starting the process over the phone allows you to to complete the application from your own home, and there are several benefits of working with an experienced Social Security disability attorney at the very beginning of your disability claim:

  • You have a guide throughout the disability claim process.
  • The issues in the claim are framed from the beginning.
  • Common mistakes are avoided.
  • Obtain the medical evidence that supports your claim.
  • If necessary, an appeal will be filed quickly.
  • You pay no attorney fee unless the claim is successful.

One of the benefits of having legal help with the application over the telephone rather than face-to-face is that you do not need to have a nearby lawyer who specializes in Social Security disability law.

Legal assistance with the disability application is particularly important for those age 55 or older, because your vocational background plays a major role in the determination.

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