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Your functional limitations will decide your claim

Your application for Social Security disability benefits will be determined based upon your functional limitations, and how they affect your ability to do work-related activities. In many respects, disability is functionality. In the context of Social Security disability law, this concept is expressed as Residual Functional Capacity (RFC). The RFC is Social Security’s assessment of your abilities […]

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Help with your disability application over the phone

The initial application for Social Security disability benefits is particularly important in New Hampshire. The opportunity to obtain disability benefits at the initial application should not be overlooked. You can apply for disability benefits in person at the local Social Security office, online via the SSA’s website, or you can apply over the phone with […]

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N.H. Average Processing Times

The latest statistics for average processing times for the Social Security hearing offices have  been published. The average processing time for the Manchester, New Hampshire hearing office stands at 320 days – just under 11 months. Processing time runs from the day the hearing office receives your request for hearing by ALJ to the day a […]

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Appeal Your Denial

When you receive a denial letter from Social Security, the most important thing to do is to appeal that denial within 60 days. There are many reasons why an initial claim gets denied, and many denials have nothing to do with the merit of your disability claim. Further, the explanation provided in the denial letter is often wrong. […]

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Choosing a Disability Lawyer

When you come to the realization that you need help for your Social Security claim (read more about how a lawyer can help you), the next step is to find the best lawyer for you. That is both easier and harder than it may seem. It is easier because you do not have base your decision on the amount of […]

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