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If you are thinking about applying for Social Security disability benefits, or have received a denial letter from Social Security, we can help.

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New Hampshire Social Security Disability Lawyer

Social Security lawyer Gordon Gates helps people with Social Security disability and SSI claims in New Hampshire. The Social Security Disability Insurance program (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income program (SSI) are federal programs intended to help people who are unable to work due to their medical condition.

Unfortunately, many people in New Hampshire are initially turned down when they apply for disability benefits, even though they actually do qualify. If Social Security has denied your application for disability benefits, don’t give up!

Whether you are applying for Social Security disability, or have been denied disability benefits, you

should consult a lawyer who specializes in Social Security law. A Social Security disability case is very different from other legal matters. The laws, regulations and procedures for Social Security disability and SSI claims are unique. They are extremely technical, and require detailed knowledge and experience.

For New Hampshire residents, a disability or SSI claim is often a two part process. The first part is the review of your initial application for disability benefits. The Social Security Administration sends your case to a state agency in Concord – Disability Determination Services – to gather additional information and to make an initial determination on your claim. The initial determination is usually made within three or four months.

If your claim is denied, then you must request a hearing by an Administrative Law Judge within 60 days.

The administrative hearings are usually conducted at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Manchester, New Hampshire. At the hearing, the judge will review the medical evidence, hear your testimony, and may take testimony from a medical or vocational expert witness. The judge will often ask your attorney to make an opening statement, which will describe the factors supporting your disability claim.

Additionally, it is my practice to prepare a hearing brief for the judge. The hearing brief sets forth the background facts of your claim, describes the medical evidence, and gives a “theory of the case” telling the judge why your claim should be granted under Social Security’s disability rules. This allows the judge to better prepare for the hearing, and to get your story in advance of the hearing.

There are eight judges assigned to the Manchester, New Hampshire ODAR: Judge Debra Boudreau, Judge James D’Alessandro, Judge Edward Hoban, Judge Ruth Kleinfeld, Judge Robert Klingebiel, Chief Judge Paul Martin, Judge Thomas Merrill and Judge Dory Sutker.

If you are a New Hampshire resident, it is very important to select a Social Security disability lawyer who is familiar with the New Hampshire judges, because one of these judges will decide your disability claim.

There are 6 ways that a Social Security lawyer can help with your disability claim:

1. Develop a winning theory for your claim.
The most important task for a lawyer is to develop a winning theory for your claim. This should be done as early as possible in the claim process. Based upon your medical condition, work history, age, education, and the Social Security disability evaluation process, we will seek the legal path that leads to an award of benefits.

2. Obtain the necessary evidence.
The key to winning a Social Security disability claim is proper development and presentation of medical evidence demonstrating disability. We will work to develop the claim, and to obtain the medical evidence necessary to support your claim. In particular, we will strive to obtain opinions from your medical providers regarding your functional limitations.

3. Help you tell your story.
Every disability claim has a story. Each person reaches the point of being unable to work in a different way. Your personal story about your struggle with your medical condition is often the most powerful evidence at the hearing for your disability claim. I spend a great deal of time thinking about how to tell your story in an effective way.

4. Represent you at the hearing.
We will represent you at the administrative hearing, and explain to the judge why your impairments prevent you from sustained employment. We will write a prehearing memorandum for the judge, so that the judge is familiar with the details of your case in advance of the hearing. Prior to your hearing, I will explain the issues that are important to your claim, and will prepare you for your hearing testimony. Each administrative law judge conducts a hearing a little bit differently. I will prepare you for the questions that your specific judge is likely to ask. I have had hearings with each of the eight judges that hearing claims in New Hampshire.

5. Ensure that you are paid correctly.
When your claim is approved, we will ensure that you are paid correctly by the Social Security Administration.

6. Be your experienced guide
Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be difficult and frustrating. An experienced disability attorney can be your guide throughout the process, and can help you to understand Social Security’s unique procedures. You don’t have to go it alone.

We help you with Social Security disability benefits, SSI benefits, Initial Claims, Reconsideration, Hearings, Appeals

We serve clients with Social Security and SSI claims throughout the state of New Hampshire. For help with your New Hampshire disability or SSI claim, please contact Gordon Gates today.

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There is no “up front” cost for us to take your case. There is only a fee if and when you receive Social Security disability benefits. Again, there is no fee unless you win your case and receive benefits. Attorney fees are regulated by Social Security, and must be approved by the Social Security Administration. We will never charge an attorney fee that is not approved by Social Security.


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